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19571 Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe MI.
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Ann Holdreith

"My work pursues imagery that intuitively captures an underlying unifying essence and structure that exists in all of life. I am exploring the movement of this most basic life force, its tension and its harmony. I see every piece of art as having a life of its own. I can repeat themes of exploration, let each individual piece needs to have the freedom to develop as its creative process unfolds. My work layers color and pigment in a way that is simultaneously opaque and translucent, allowing for a deliberate spontaneity. In the quilt and mixed media series, the underlying textures and patterns of the textiles are unified through the layering and juxtaposition of painted color fields. Each quilt seems to take on its own ethnic or primitive personality, while maintaining the simplicity and elegance embraced by the work of artists Albers and Rothko."

"I don't know where my images come from, I just know that when I let go into the flow of the moment, I tap something beyond any limitation."

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